What is Chiropractic?

Principles of Chiropractic are based on Science, Art and Philosophy. The role of chiropractic is to restore and to maintain proper functions of our nervous system, as well as musculoskeletal system without any use of medication and surgery.

What does chiropractor do?

Chiropractor is an expert in issues regarding spinal health, and health care overall. Chiropractor can improve, restore, and maintain the function of nervous system as well as musculoskeletal system for person’s overall well-being and quality of life.
Chiropractor can assist you in many ways such as spinal adjustment or manipulation, soft tissue conditioning and promoting and teaching correct posture and exercises for prevention of symptoms.

Is insurance covered?

Insurance is not covered in Japan. However, the automobile liability insurance is accepted in our office. Please contact us for more details.

Who should see a chiropractor?

Chiropractic treatment may be your best fit answer for obtaining optimum health. Chiropractic has been well known for its care towards prevention. It is best to see a chiropractor before you suffer from the symptom or before it gets too severe. Modern technology has brought us much usefulness in our society. However, numbers of people that are suffering from pain are in increase. The reason is because we are counting so much on technology that it is preventing us from becoming active. If you stay active, your body becomes healthier and updated. If you stay inactive, you will start to lose that edge and your body will become weaker. Chiropractors are experts in making people active. Why not sharpen your edge with chiropractic?

What type of education do chiropractors in Japan get?

Do you know how many chiropractic schools are there in Japan? The answer is, there are just way too many! Countless number of “so-called” chiropractors or practitioners from other health care professions practice chiropractic or perform chiropractic techniques in their practices.
Chiropractic is practiced over 80 different countries including Japan. Chiropractic is a health care that are strongly supported by World Health Organization. (WHO). The real chiropractors are those who finished their curriculum at Chiropractic College which holds the international educational standard supported by WHO and Council on Chiropractic Education.

In Japan, there is one chiropractic college that meets these criteria. Students of Chiropractic College receive a minimum of 4200 hours of education which includes curriculums in medical science, chiropractic science and an internship program.

It is important for patients to know beforehand about what is “real” and what is “not”, here in Japan. Safety is the first option for more than anything. Chiropractors of TAKEYACHI Clinic Chiropractic Center are all graduates of Chiropractic College with degrees equivalent to education of international standards.

If I get treated, will my symptoms go away forever?

Chiropractor’s job is to make patient`s condition up to date. Patients are happy once they start to feel relief or symptoms go away. However, many of the symptoms are associated with faulty posture, faulty habits, soft tissue damage, muscle weakness and degenerative spine, many of our patients use chiropractic as their periodical checkup. Like we all brush our teeth every day or daily exercises to keep yourself active, chiropractic can be your best choice in keeping overall good health.

Is it safe?

Chiropractic adjustment should not be painful. It is specific and precise. This natural and safe procedure will enable to improve spinal function and nervous system. Chiropractic is a non-surgical, drug free treatment.

Can Chiropractic cure disease?

Chiropractors cannot cure any disease. Our role is to provide management and care for pain of musculoskeletal origin. If the patient is suffering from pain and if that pain is not from the musculoskeletal origin, referral will be made so that patient can be cared by other profession.

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