Treatment Approach

We think that having a misaligned structure or dysfunction in our body in such areas as bones, joints and muscles will likely to increase the risk of disorders within our nervous system. Treatment for bones joints and muscles will give a chance for our body to retain its correct structure and function of our nervous system.
Functions within our body are controlled by our nervous system which originates from the spinal cord that runs along within the spine. From the spinal cord, branches of nerve innervate our arms, legs, trunk, and organs etc. to maintain function of our body. As spinal cord being the control center of our body, and spine being the core of our body, our spine not only protect our nervous systems, but it also allows us move and to stabilize our frame at the same time.
Our focus is to care and manage the structure and dysfunction in our musculoskeletal system to maintain our nervous system to function itself correctly.
Our treatment takes the pressure off the nerve that goes in and out of the spine. This will allow the nervous system to function itself correctly, increase its mobility of spine and muscles that are related with function of the spine. There are important relationships between the function of nervous system and functions of bones, joints and muscles. Misalignment in the spine can cause nerves to be stressed acting as a sign of pain. Joints with dysfunction will decrease its mobility and creates problems within the nervous system. Dysfunction in muscles, bones and joints, will prohibit us from maintaining their normal function. Nervous system is the master control that coordinates of our body and it is the most integral part of our body. Our treatment serves an important role in taking care of our nervous system.



Adjustment is the base and foundation of our practice.
Adjustment can restore the function of our nervous system; improve the structures and functions of our bone, joints and muscles. Adjustment is a method used to correct misaligned bones and joints to restore the structure and function of our body.

Soft Tissue Technique

If the symptom is caused by tightness, spasms or a fatigue of the muscles, treatments with trigger point therapy, stretching or other soft-tissue technique are beneficial.

Excercises and Prevention

In recent years, we began to utilize exercises for its benefit and prevention of symptoms. In today’s society, modern technology has brought us so much convenience in our life; however it also made us prone to become weaker at the same time. Weak muscles can be a cause for low back pain and neck / shoulder stiffness. How many remote controls do have at your home? Are you taking elevators just to go up to the next floor? Exercise will allow you to keep yourself up to date.

Advices for Daily Activities

One of the strength of our treatment is providing or promoting tips to enhance patient’s knowledge and know-how for finding ways of more efficient daily life. From simple movement such as twisting or bending, it can easily cause stress in joints and bones which leads to symptoms like low back pain. Long hours of same posture at desk work will create problems such as neck/shoulder stiffness. These symptoms can be prevented by having the correct knowledge and postures. Reducing the load of stress during desk work, knowing the right way of doing a house work is very important for prevention. At TAKEYACHI Clinic, we put strong emphasis in promoting advices of daily activities.

What is Adjustment?

This refers to the method used in manual therapy. Its intentions are to correct the motion, alignment and function of joints in our spine, arms and legs. Reduce the severity of pains and aches that cause by nerve stress. This application is done by hand with controlled gentle high velocity low amplitude thrusts. By allowing the bones and joints to restore its correct movement, an audible “pop” or “click” sound may occur. Adjustment of spine is often referred to as Spinal Manipulation.

Steps for Our Treatment

1. History Taking

Here, we take history of your current and past conditions of you symptoms.

2. Medical Examination

Neurologic tests, orthopedic test and X-rays are examined. X-rays are taken at our affiliated medical clinics when necessary.

3. Posture Analysis and Palpation

Patients are examined by posture and palpation.

4. Explanation & Treatment

Your symptom is explained in detail from the results of examination. Patients are treated by Spinal Maniprulation, Soft Tissue and Physio-Therapy. Our treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive.

5. After Care

Active care such as postural correction stretches and exercises are taught for its purpose of prevention and faster recovery from pain.

6. Consultation

Referral to other health care expert will be provided if the condition is not indicated for manual therapy.

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