A clinic opened by a doctor who specializes in manual medicine

Have you ever thought about going to clinic, but didn`t know which clinic to choose from? Dr Takeyachi, a head director of the TAKEYACHI Clinic, is both a Medical Doctor and a Doctor specialized in manual therapy. After graduating from medical school in Tokyo, Dr Takeyachi worked as an orthopedist, specializing in the field of neck / shoulder stiffness, back pain, herniated discs, whiplash and other symptoms and diseases. When working as an orthopedist, he began to become aware of the limit of what modern medical science can do. From the influences of his father and grandfather with their manual therapy background, he always had interests in manual therapy, which eventually made him destined to study it in United States.
Dr. Takeyachi published more than ten books on neck pain, low back pain, knee pain and lumbar spinal stenosis. The books explain how to treat neck pain, numbness on hands and arms, low back pain, knee pain and sciatica by yourself.

Four minute walk from Tokyo Station

We are located in one of the most convenient areas. Four minute walk from Tokyo Station and over 15 train lines are available for access. Using Nihonbashi station Ginza line will only take 2 minutes. Access from Nihombashi Station Touzai line, Nihombashi Station Toei Asakusa line, Mitsukoshimae Station Hanzomon line are all less than a 10 minute walk. Patients can also visit from Yaesu, Kyoubashi, Ginza, Marunouchi, Yurakucho, by walking. Location in areas of Otemachi, Kanda, Shinbashi, Shinagawa, Meguro, Ebisu, Roppongi, Shinjuku, Shibuya are also convenient in reaching our office, as well as prefectures that are located near Tokyo.

Goals of our practice

The goal of TAKEYACHI Clinic is to provide environment where patients feel safe, secured and satisfied. Have you ever been to other medical clinics for your pain and all you got was a prescribed medicine which didn`t provide relief from your symptom? Have you ever wondered which clinics to choose from in Tokyo Japan? Our clinic provides manual therapy with the global standards to ensure the safety. If you are looking for solution in your condition with safe environment, choosing TAKEYACHI Clinic is most definitely the right choice.

Treatment after work or on the weekend

Our Clinic is open during the lunch hours, after work hours, and on Saturdays for patients with busy business schedule. We are open until 7:00 pm on weekdays. Patient can get their treatment even after work. For patients with busy schedule can also come on Saturdays

Top five symptoms rankings in order at our Clinic

1.Low Back Pain
2.Neck / Shoulder Stiffness and Pain
3.Lumbar disc herniation, Sciatic Nerve Pain
Other symptoms: Acute neck pain, Herniated Disc in Cervical Spine, Scoliosis, Pain and Numbness in arms and hands, Dizziness and Menstrual Pain

Please call us at

3-1-4 Nihombashi, Nihombashisakura-bldg. 8th floor, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0027

Office hoursMon. to Fri.10:00-13:00  /  14:30-19:00
Saturday9:00-12:30    / 14:00-18:00
ClosedThursday, Sunday and Holiday