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Orthopedic doctor, Chiropractor

Chiropractic, non-surgical and non-invasive treatment for low back pain, lumbar spinal stenosis, herniated discs, neck / shoulder stiffness, cervical spondylosis, and headaches.


Dr. Yasunobu Takeyachi graduated from the Jikei University School of Medicine in 2000. After earning his medical degree, he practiced in the department of Orthopedic Surgery at Fukushima Medical University School of Medicine and at several hospitals as an orthopedic surgeon for three years before leaving for the United States to pursue a degree in chiropractic. Dr. Yasunobu Takeyachi also had the opportunity to study and work under Professor Shinichi Kikuchi M.D., a former president of the International Society for Study of Lumbar Spine and the top expert on low back pain in Japan. In August of 2006, he graduated from the National University of Health Sciences (Illinois, USA) as a valedictorian and received a degree in Doctor of Chiropractic.


Japanese Orthopedic Association
Japanese Association of Chiropractors
Integrative Medicine Japan


Published more than ten books on low back pain, lumbar spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis of the knee, and cervical spondylosis.
Lectured in front of 50 orthopedists on Chiropractic at 4th Annual Meeting of the seminar for musculoskeltal system and pain
Issue on medical journal for Pain Clinic on “Chiropractic” Co-Author of Complemantary Alternative Medicine Chiropractic for Kinpodo (2006)


Travelling, especially National Parks and hot springs. Visited more than 10 different National Parks during his stay in U.S. Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellow Stone, Rocky Mountain etc. Specialized in breast strokes in his swimming team during junior high school and high school.

Chiropractor’s Profile

Teruhisa Nakagawa

Chiropractor, Acupuncturist

Chiropractic and acupuncture treatment for spinal disease, insomnia, headaches


Teruhisa Nakagawa graduated from Japan Chiropractic Doctor’s College. In the College, he studied abroad in Life Chiropractic College West (California, USA). After graduation, he went on to Acupuncture college. Since passing the national board, he has made full use of the various kinds of therapies to cure. After he worked in several clinics as a director, he joined this clinic.


Yoga, Tea ceremony, One song of a hundred people

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