Medical profession dictates everything here in Japan. That is why, still to this date, chiropractic profession is not legislated nor licensed in Japan, because of oppositions from medical profession and other established groups such as masseur, Shiatsu practitioners, acupuncturists and bonesetters. Precedence set by a 1960 Supreme Court ruling allowed anyone to practice spinal manipulation, including chiropractic, if it is not harmful to the patient. However, because of this ruling, it created controversy, and made it difficult for patients to find reliable chiropractors that have legitimate degrees. Currently in Japan, anyone can name themselves as a chiropractor. Even if you are a graduate from Chiropractic Colleges of international standards, if someone receives a certificate from 10 day chiropractic seminars or from one or two year schools, he or she can call themselves a “chiropractor”. It may sound strange, but that is the reality here in Japan.

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Address and Phone number


Address and Phone number

3-1-4 Nihombashi
Nihombashisakura-bldg. 8th floor
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0027